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Most conversational applications suck, but they don't have to. With our platform and expertise you can launch Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps in 1/10th of the time with more than 1 Billion times more unique conversations than your competitors.

Why Us?

What makes us different

Most intelligent assistants frustrate users by ignoring basic conversational rules. A new kind of voicebot AI is required. Done right, the customer interaction feels effortless. Done poorly, the result is customer dissatisfaction and brand erosion.

Based on decades of research, 45 years of combined experience with speech apps for the Fortune 100, the discourse.ai team has infused the perfect balance of conversation science, design, and technology into the Intelligent Assistant Platform, which enables companies (for the first time) to easily create engaging customer experiences.

Who Cares? Your Customers

75% of US households will own a smart speaker by 2021

% of Top 50 Brands with a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa App


Consumer Brands


Financial Services


Media & Entertainment


Travel & Hospitality

Intelligent Assistant Platform

Industry Benchmark: 1.1 * 10142 unique paths, 1 month, 1 designer, 1 developer

Developing a truely conversational app has not been humanly possible. UNTIL NOW.

The Intelligent Assistant Platform implements patent pending techniques based on decades of research in Cognitive Science, Psychology, Linguistics, and Neuroscience. Enterprises can create conversational applications that dynamically adapt to an exponential number of possible conversation paths, putting natural conversations within reach on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

For Enterprises

Deploy Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant apps at a fraction of the time and cost leveraging the discourse.ai platform and expertise. Engage your customers in intelligent conversation to reduce costs, improve customer service, increase sales conversions, and extend the value of your brand for the Financial Services, Global Brands, Entertainment, and Travel industries.

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For Developers

Leverage pre-designed managed components via RESTful APIs that integrate quickly with your existing apps and extend them to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.



For Small Businesses

Easily deploy a virtual assistant for your business that integrates with Quickbooks, ServiceDesk, and 20 other apps for order status, scheduling, and voice commerce.


For Enterprises

The Intelligent Assistant Platform is modeled on human conversation

Our Intelligent Assistant (IA) Cortex creates conversation models based on domain ontologies and separates knowledge (graph) from navigation (conversation model). Further, it approximates theory of mind and avoids common stochastic approaches using intents/slots that have proven ineffective.

It also allows designers, developers, or the assistant itself to inherit and override behaviors such that it can learn with trained and untrained data sets and experience.

Consulting and Professional Services

We Are Experts In Developing Voice Applications


Choosing the right Amazon Alexa skill or Google Assistant action is critical to the success of your customer engagement strategy. Deploying the wrong functionality can waste time and resources and sour customer perception. Discourse.ai can help your organization identify, prioritize, assess the feasibility, and estimate the effort of your Google Home and Amazon Alexa initiatives to support your goals.


Designing and building Google or Alexa applications with unproven resources is risky. We specialize in the art and science of designing and building voice applications. Our principals have 20 years of experience on average. Leverage our proven team to help you build and deploy your first applications.

Platform & App Support

discourse.ai provides 24/7 monitoring and management of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant customer applications running on the Intelligent Assistant Platform.

Solutions by Industry

With 75% of consumers expected to own a smart speaker by 2021, companies can significantly reduce costs by interacting directly with consumers.

Financial Services

Conversational agents based on domain ontologies, covering thousands of topics within 3-6 months on Amazon, Google, and other Assistants.

Global Brands

Take control of your brand. Voice is the 3rd wave after web and mobile. Easily deploy and manage brand assistants that can answer questions, engage consumers, and drive sales.


Engage fans with interactive character experiences in virtual environments off-screen to build and maintain entertainment brand affinity.


Provide a personal travel agent experience to customers that leverage your online assets. Reduce time to book, increase conversion rates and stickiness.


Guide customers to the most likely self-service resolutions. Faster, more cost effective, and higher CSAT compared to traditional solutions.


Leverage imagine recognition to offer conversational fashion assistant that recommends outfits based on search terms and provides store attribution for conversion tracking.

Meet The Team

Management Team

The discourse.ai team includes several of the world's top experts in VUI design, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Understanding who have built voice and conversational apps for almost half of the Fortune 100.

Susan Hura


Simon Tang


Jonathan Eisenzopf


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