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Most conversational applications suck, but they don't have to. At discourse.ai we build engaging Amazon Alexa and Google Home applications that connect with your customers and extend the value of your brand.

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What makes us different

Understanding language and human conversation is a science. Writing compelling discourse is an artistic discipline. The technology underpinnings of speech recognition are complex. That is why designing and building a natural human-computer voice application requires an experienced multi-discplinary team of designers, scientists, and technologists. When done right, the end result feels as simple and effortless as a human conversation should be. When done poorly, the results are customer disastisfaction and brand erosion.

Discourse.ai is a specialized consultancy that focuses on designing and building voice, text, and mobile applications on the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa platforms. Team members have been responsible for creating speech applications for the world's most recognized brands over the past twenty years including many of the Fortune 500.

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We Are Experts In Developing Voice Applications


Choosing the right Amazon Alexa skill or Google Assistant action is critical to the success of your customer engagement strategy. Deploying the wrong functionality can waste time and resources and sour customer perception. Discourse.ai can help your organization identify, prioritize, assess the feasibility, and estimate the effort of your Google Home and Amazon Alexa initiatives to support your goals.

Design & Development

Desjgning and building Google or Alexa applications with unproven resources is risky. We specialize in the art and science of designing and building voice applications. Our principals have 20 years of experience on average. Leverage our proven team to help you build and deploy your first applications.


We offer small classroom training for your design and development teams. Whether you're interested in learning how to design a voice interface, developing an Alexa skill or Google action, or supporting these new applications in your IT environment, we can create a custom on-site or remote training program to help your organization get up to speed quickly.

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